Friday, December 13, 2019

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The most essential thing in life is a plan. Construction workers have blueprints that are plans to shelter thousands of unaware people. Teachers that plan to be successful during the school year plan out each concept to effectively teach their students. We will write a custom essay sample on College or any similar topic only for you Order Now In order for me to be successful in life, I have to plan my future as a college student to a worker in whatever the career of my choosing. I want to be involved in business and computer technology industry. Throughout my life, my dad, a database administrator, kept me around computers all my life and I learned naturally through many business ventures as an adolescent that business was also something I enjoyed. The computer industry will exponentially increase as the development of new and improved technology continues to make the lives of Americans easier and more efficient. Georgia State offers a great computer science program that I hope will help me get my first foot into my career as a database developer. The application fee for SSL is $60 with an early deadline of November 15 and a regular deadline of March 1. The application is online and is a quick indication that SSL has modern technology at their school. How could I go to a school for computer technology when their computers are out of date? Only requirements I need in the application is my official high school transcript and recommended reference letters. With a requirement GAP of 2. 8 and an acceptance rate of 57. 4%, SSL is only minimally selective. Students come from every county in Georgia, every state in the nation, and more than 150 countries to attend US. Their racial diversity consists of 13% Asian, 8% Hispanic, and 37% Black, 6% Other/Not reported, and 40% White. SSL is a huge school with an undergraduate population of 24,665 with 83% percent of the freshman returning the next year and 84% of the total students graduating. Financially, Georgia State’s total estimated in-state expenses are decent with room and board taking up most of the tuition. Since their on campus housing is expensive and is not required, I have found many decent area apartments that range from $800 to $1770. I live approximately 44 minutes from home so it will not be expensive to come home on the holidays. SSL offers HOPE and I qualify for it so it will cover 90% of y tuition along with many scholarships that SSL offers can cover the rest. Awarding up to $3000 renewable, the Centennial Merit Scholarships reward freshman students based on their incoming GAP and testing scores. There are many other scholarships that SSL that vary in their requirements, like the Georgia State minority Scholarship that covers the purchase of textbooks. The Department of Computer Science and the Department of Computer and information systems is where I will be working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in computer and information system. I will be taking lasses like web programming and database systems. I need that minor in computer and information systems to help elevate my marketability in the work place once I graduate. After SSL admits me to attend their college, I will have to apply to the College of Arts and Sciences for my major in computer science. I will also apply to Terry College of Business for my minor in computer and information systems. The terry college of business is ranked eighth in the nation for computer and information systems. This expertise will provide me with a reliable source of education I can use to get my Job. The courses will be challenging and math oriented due to the degree of computer language I will be learning, so it is great that GUS has many activities to take my mind of the workload. One of the main activities I plan on doing at SSL is intramural soccer or club soccer. The Association for Information Systems Student Chapter, which helps promote the study and utilization of information systems through programs of professional development, social networking, and community development, will provide networking opportunities for internships and experience that will prepare me for my career as a database developer. The NAACP will help me contribute to the African-American community and the FCC will motivate me spiritually. Many Greek Sororities will greatly help me assimilate into the college society through activities that involve competing with other sororities in tournaments for sports. EASIES is a business organization that promotes leadership and the initiative to make a difference in the world. They can provide me with opportunities to work international internships, experience leadership, and participate in a global learning environment. SSL is also located in the city, which is home to the Coca-Cola factory, the Art Museum, and the Aquarium. These clubs and organizations will instill into me the qualities a database developer requires. Database developers are people who design, install, update, and maintain the computer systems that collect and organize data. This career requires you to have strong communications skills because not only will you work in a team, but also you will have to clearly explain the functions of a database to the team or a group of students. For me to become a successful database developer I will need to attain varied levels of certifications that each computer company will offer depending on the position. Oracle, My SQL, Sybase, DB, and SQL server are some of the main and most popular certifications. Ass’s department of computer science will provide me with classes like database systems, artificial intelligence, and data mining that will provide a foundation to work towards these certifications. Database developers are very organized due to the maintenance of multiple database storing tons of information and this trait is something I will work on to make sure I can maintain the databases to my greatest ability. I am very creative so thinking out of the box when confronted with a database problem will be easy. I am a team player so I will enjoy the team compliance that will often occur within the workplace. I am also very analytical which is very beneficial when understanding how a database program works. SSL will be the foundation on my road to success. My dream is to be in a career that will make me happy to wake up in the morning and that career is database developing. This plan may vary depending on conditions that could change , but the outcome will still be the same. Even though the world changes, a plan is what maps out each change whether it’s positive or negative. How to cite College, Papers

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